NBO International Network – Who are we?

The NBO International Network (NBOIN) is dedicated to promoting the use of the Newborn Behavioral Observations (NBO) system in hospital, clinic and home settings, through the provision of education and training for professionals working with newborn infants and their families.  NBO International is engaged in the education, training and certification of professionals who work with infants and families in hospital systems and in community settings. We are also committed to advances in the philosophy and science of newborn care, through research and public policy initiatives.

mom's voiceThe NBO is designed to help parents become more aware of and avail of their baby’s rich behavioral repertoire and thus promote a positive relationship between parents and their infants from the very beginning.  The NBO philosophy espouses a relationship-based, infant-focused and family-centered approach to the care of newborns and their families.  NBO International is committed to providing training to professionals to prepare them to offer the NBO in a way that is developmentally sound, individualized and culturally sensitive.

This website provides a Forum for on-line discussion and conversation among NBO trainers and trainees worldwide.  We would like to invite you to share your ideas on the NBO itself, on NBO training, mentoring, certification, clinical experiences, research and all topics related to the NBO.  Certain areas of the site are password protected, so that Trainers can conduct discussions on relevant topics.


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