News from the NBO International Training Sites

thITALY: An international conference presented by Professor Gherardo Rapisardi, NBAS trainer for Italy, will take place in Rome on March 13-14th, 2015. The conference title is: “Mi fido di te – I TRUST YOU! ” – A tribute to T. Berry Brazelton. Speakers include Nadia Bruschweiler-Stern, C. Calzone, S. Facchini, S. Federici, L. Migliaccio, G. Nebbiosi, J. Kevin Nugent, Joshua Sparrow, G. Tamburlini, G. Valeri, Colwyn Trevarthen. The themes of the first day are: “Neonatal behavioural observation and support to parenting skills” and “Tools to support the development of children’s and parental skills”, while the themes for the second day are: “From the Child to the Adolescent” and “Supporting Parents of Teenagers”.

th-1UK: The Møller Centre, Churchill College at the University of Cambridge was the setting for a special meeting of UK NBO trainers which took place on 29th – 31st January, 2015. Professor Kevin Nugent joined this special Trainer of Trainers Meeting, which was convened by Dr. Joanna Hawthorne (assisted by Betty Hutchon and Maggie Redshaw) and included workshops and discussions on the NBO.

NBO UK Trainers 2015

NBO UK Trainers 2015

Among the other Trainers and Trainer Associates were: Jeanette Appleton, Megan Eccleson, Melanie Gunning, Inge Nickell, Emily Hills, Lisa Hodge, Libi Deller, Maureen Lancaster, Guillermina Marquine, Maggie Wood, Alison Pritchard and Christine Bartram. Each Trainer discussed her experience both as a user and as teacher of the NBO in her own particular setting. These individual presentations and the discussion that followed offered a picture of a vibrant training program that, according to the data presented, is making a significant difference in the lives of the practitioners and the infants and families whom they serve across England, Scotland and Wales. Many of the themes which were introduced at the Edinburgh International meeting in June were discussed in an effort to carve a vision for the expansion and refinement of the training process and the facilitation of research using the NBO (and NBAS) in the UK.

IMG_3920The two days were crowned by a formal dinner in honor of Professor Nugent, at Churchill College, where tributes were paid to all the trainers and to Dr. Hawthorne especially, for all she has done to make the UK Training Centre what it is today – the largest in the world. A Joint meeting with the Brazelton Centre UK & The Cambridge Centre for Perinatal Neuroscience then took place on Saturday Jan 31st at the Seminar Room 5, Clinical School, Cambridge University Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridge. Speakers included: Professor Kevin Nugent, Director, Brazelton Institute, Boston; Professor Jonathan Hill and Dr. Helen Sharp (Universities of Reading and Liverpool), Dr. Susan Pawlby, Institute of Psychiatry, London, Pauline Lee, Clinical Psychologist, Tameside and Glossop and Drs. Topun Austin, Cristine Costa and Cheun Wai Lee from the Cambridge Centre for Perinatal Neuroscience. Click here for the full program: Brazelton meeting 31st Jan. 2015.

th-1Brazil: The first NBO Training to take place in Brazil will take place at the Department of Pediatrics, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte on March 27-28th, 2015. The trainers are Drs. Lise Johnson and Beth McManus, while the facilitators are Prof. Claudia Regina Lindgren Alves, MD, PhD and Profa. Titular Lívia C.Magalhães.

th-2South Africa:  The first NBO training to take place in Africa, will take place at the Ububele Parent Infant Programme in Johannesburg, South Africa, this coming May. The NBO training team consists of Drs. Campbell Paul and Susan Nicolson. Ububele is an educational and psychotherapy trust providing training and services to improve the emotional development of children under 7 years. Ububele’s training in mental health focuses on preventative strategies for children under the age of seven, their parents, families and other caregivers, so that the NBO will be used in this context. The program is directed by Katherine Frost and Tony Hamburger, who are hosting the NBO training. For more information see:

norwayNorway: Twenty-five NBO trainees received their certificates from NBO Trainers Drs. Kari Slinning and Nancy Moss at a meeting in Lillehammer in November, 2014. Trainees were made up of nurses, midwives, psychologists and one physiotherapist, all of whom are working with parents with drug problems or are suffering from mental illness.  In this innovative individualized mentorship program, the completion rate was almost 100%. On-line mentoring was an integral part of the program over the first three months. Subsequently, each trainees submitted a video of one of their NBO sessions for review, and the Trainers provided both oral and written feedback to each trainee. The photograph below includes most of the successful trainees, with NBO trainers, Nancy Moss and Kari Slinning in the foreground. Congratulations to all!

gruppebildeOn Dec 3rd 2014, another group of NBO trainess received their certificates from trainers, Unni Tranaas Vannebo and Inger Pauline Landsem, in Bode, in northern Norway. New trainees are made up on midwives, public health nurses and physiotherapists. Inger Pauline’s work with premature infants was featured in the Norwegian press and on Nov 29th, 2014, her work with the NBO was featured on Norwegian TV. Congratulations!

chinaChina: The first NBO and NBAS Training to be presented in China took place in Xi’an Children’s Hospital, Affiliated Medical School at the Xi’an JiaoTong University on November 3-4th. Drs. Susan Nicolson (Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia) and Kevin Nugent, the Brazelton Institute were the instructors on this auspicious occasion. Thirty neonatologists, pediatricians, nurses and social workers from all over China participated. NBAS training was also offered on Nov 5th by Professor Nugent. The training was facilitated by Professor Hui Li, MD., Ph.D., Division of Pediatrics and Neonatology, Xi ‘an JiaoTong University and First Affiliated Hospital, Medical School, Xi’an Jiaotong University.

Celebration NBO training in  Xi'an.

Celebration NBO training in Xi’an.

The NBO training was preceded by an International Conference entitled Neonatal Behavioral Observation system applied in the family and medical rehabilitation, which was held on Sunday November 2nd. in Xi’an. Invited speakers include Chuen Wai Lee (UK), Shohei Ohgi (Japan), Xiulan Bao (China), Susan Nicolson and J . Kevin Nugent. Attendees at the conference included neonatologists, pediatricians and nurses from Xi’an and other medical centers from across the country, including Shannxi Province, Zhejiang Province, Shandong Province, Beijing and Hong Kong.

icelandIceland: Brazelton Institute faculty members, Drs. Lise Johnson and Yvette Blanchard conducted NBO Training in Iceland on Sept 18-19th., 2014, in Reykjavik. This is the second NBO training to be held in Iceland and once again the training was facilitated by the dynamic and dedicated Stefanía Birna Arnardóttir. Last year, it was Drs. Johnson and Hawthorne who made up the faculty and this year Dr. Blanchard joined Dr. Johnson, who reported that the training was very successful.

denmarkDenmark: The first NBO training program in Denmark was conducted in Thisted in North Jutland by NBO Trainers Jeanette Appleton and Inge Nickell (UK) (photo on the left) on October 1st-2nd., 2014. ” The training was most successful…..and was a truly amazing experience….. We were impressed by the enthusiasm of the group“, as reported by Jeanette and Inge. The sessions were conducted in Danish and Inge translated the NBO materials into Danish. The NBO session was enhanced by the presence of the the mother and her four-week old baby “who smiled through the whole NBO session“.

nbo-denmark-groupThe success of the program was due in no small part to Convener Merethe Vinter’s “enthusiasm, knowledge and passion” and to the bucolic setting in which the training took place, according to Jeanette and Inge’s report. Group photo on the left includes Merethe Vinter, with Jeanette Appleton, second from the right in the front row and Trainer Inge Nickell standing behind on the far left.  A testament to the success of the program is that all but one of the trainees (due to illness) completed the certification program within four months.


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